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No-Dig Pipe Repair Services

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Pipe Repairs & Restorations

Pipe Repairs & Restorations

MJ United is the Sunshine Coast's Nu Flow technologies licensee, providing a new innovative technology in pipe rehabilitation that performs trenchless pipe restorations in situ. The no-dig technology is implemented to carry out relining of existing in situ piping.

Conduits, sewer, stormwater, trade waste and downpipes can all be relined. A void section in piping can also be relined under certain conditions, with NO damage to landscaping, pathways, concrete areas or interruptions to your routine.

The technology implements the cured in place innovative resins to mould to the host pipe. This seamless liner restoration prevents infiltration and exfiltration, restoring structural integrity and elimination of joints that can weaken and allow root intrusion and ground waters etc. The system can be installed on bends, junctions and tees up to 15 metres long in one application.

Pipe Relining

The pipe relining can be installed as short as a metre and up to any length. The relining can be stopped and started in sections of the piping as required. All non-potable pipe work can be relined with our process in diameters from 40mm to 300mm.

This trenchless technology allows the reline to take place under concrete, bitumen, paving, landscaped and public access areas with minimal disruption. Plastic, fibre reinforced concrete, copper, earthenware, concrete and steel pipework are all able to be relined with our technology.

Site inspections are carried out for all quotations and the use of a CCTV camera to inspect all pipe work to be relined. Included in our fully detailed quotations is the camera of the piping to be relined prior to relining, high pressure jet cleaning is also carried out of the piping to be relined and included in the quotation.

Drainage Services

Five easy steps to solve all of your drainage problems...
  1. Contact MJ United Pipe Lining and speak to one of our trained technicians.
  2. Arrange an appointment for our Nu Flow technician to access the problem.
  3. An inspection is carried out using one of our CCTV pipeline survey cameras.
  4. After assessing the video footage, MJ United Pipe Lining will prepare and submit a quotation for the required repairs.
  5. On acceptance of our quotation, MJ United Pipe Lining will carry out the necessary pipe re-lining process.
No-Dig Pipe Repair

The Nu Flow product has a guarantee of 40 years with a 10 year guarantee on root intrusion. You can find out more information on the Nu Flow website at or contact our office on
Freecall 1800 817 476.

How Roots Grow in Sewers

Roots & Draining Issues

"The intrusion of roots into sewers is probably the most destructive single element that faces those maintaining a wastewater collection system," says the Environmental Protection Technology Series.

Approx 60% of sewer collection systems are made up of pipe with a diameter of 8" or smaller.

The potential for root intrusion to cause blockages and to damage valuable pipes is enormous.

Roots normally do not grow underwater and seldom cause problems where ground water covers the pipe. But in most areas, this is not the cause.

One Cell at a Time

When a seed germinates, it adds one cell at a time toward the best environment form which it might extract nutrients and moisture. The growing point of the root moves best through loosely cultivated soil.

The most common practice to lay sewer pipe is by open trench. The back-filled soil offers a good growing medium for roots.

Because the flow in sanitary lines is at a higher temperature than the soil, this causes condensation to appear on the crown of the pipe.

As the warm moisture from the sewer pipe evaporates up through the soil, the vapours offer an excellent trail for the root to follow. If even a tiny vapour leak exists in the pipe, the root concentrates its efforts at that point. Since some pipe joint compounds are of nutrient materials themselves, the root may enitrely girdle the joint before entering the pipe.

Accumulating Debris

Once inside the sewer pipe, the root takes on the appearance of either a "veil" or a "trail" type structure. If flows in the pipe are fairly constant, the root mass hangs down like a veil to the normal flow level where they accumulate deposits of grease, slime and other debris.

Convential methods of removing roots by cutting or tearing tend to INCREASE REGROWTH similar to pruning a hedge. Removing roots inside the pipe solves the immediate problem of stoppages, but does nothing to retard the growth or kill the more serious and costly structural damage, which may take palce.

Proven Method to Eliminate Root Problems

MJ United Plumbing & Drainage has developed a program that will eliminate the need for a constant sewer cleaning service. Our root destroyer program will give you peace of mind and protect your sewer piping structure from damage and possible collapse, commonly associated with continuous root problems.

How We Do It!

After clearing your sewer line with our root cutting equipment (or before your sewer becomes blocked up) our certified technician will install a full-length sectional liner or spot repair to repair your sewer line.

Our lateral lining products allow our technicians to remotely fix damaged pipe anywhere in the line. All of our products can be installed via the cleanout. These products can save you time and money.

This drain lining system gives the home owner a cost effective alternative to traditional dig methods of pipe replacement, but still offer the structural strength of a new pipe.

Our patented system allows technicians to replace an underground pipe without disturbing any surface materials such as driveways, landscaping, patios, footpaths, floors, electrical and gas lines, water roadways and parking lots.

Save Money and Stress!

Eliminate the need for a constant drain cleaning service.

Protect piping system from collapsing, which can lead to costly repairs and an entire replacement of your sewer piping system.

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